In preparation for the launch of the PlayStation 4 remake by MediEvil next month, today it was announced that the game has entered the Gold phase.

The developer, Other Ocean Interactive, shared the news on Twitter by releasing an image of the final version of MediEvil, with a small caption: "It's the little things". Based on the date on the record, it appears that the complete build of MediEvil was completed last weekend, the 14 September.

For those who are eager to return to the world of MediEvil, it is certainly exciting to know that the game will arrive, without a hitch, next month. Medievil was originally announced during the 2017 PlayStation Experience. Since then, no further information has been given, until October last year, when finally The gameplay of the game has been revealed.

We will have to wait a little longer before we get our hands on the title and see if the long road traveled is worth it or not. Appointment then at 25 October next, release date of the expected exclusive remake on PlayStation 4.