If you have the finite 4-2 in the eyes for Toronto against Golden State thanks to a sumptuous Kawhi Leonard, if you are anxiously following all the "trade" of the off season, if your "madness" leads you to wait with anxiety too the 2019 / 2020 pre-season games, don't worry: NBA 2K20 has come to lighten up that mad desire for basketball that is tearing you apart.


The big problem of the "annual" games of 2K (but in general applies to all sports titles of any production company) is always the same: to provide enough news to the player to convince him to buy the new edition without distorting a gameplay that already has its affectionate audience. Finding the right balance between the two things is never a simple operation, but now the boys of Visual concepts they are masters in this art, given that now they have behind them over 20 years of career on these titles.

Among the most important "tweaks" it is certainly necessary to signal the best control of the ball by the players, above all with regard to offensive transitions. With the use of the right analog stick the players are now under our complete control, but watch out for the player with whom you want to lead the ball: it is one thing to have Kyrie Irving in your hands, another is Steven Adams (sorry Steven, nothing of personnel)

One of the biggest shortcomings of previous editions of NBA is certainly the AI ​​of the game, since those who were behind the screen often found themselves switching between all the athletes in the field to not allow the players controlled by the CPU to ruin our actions . Now the AI ​​manages the spaces better, a much narrower brand, it takes the more or less correct pitches (better than Curry in a bad day that tries to pull even from his house), even if obviously not everything is gold what glitters and there is still some problems.

Speaking of Steph Curry, of course you can't not talk about the shooting mechanics of NBA 2K20. Here too the Visual Concepts guys have significantly improved this fundamental, making the shooters much more lethal than in past editions, both outside the painted area and inside, respecting the true values ​​of the players on the parquet in a fairly realistic manner.

Finally to mark as also the physicality of the players has been substantially improved: the tallest and heaviest players no longer have those agile and snappy movements of the "little ones". It should be noted that almost all these improvements are the result of the feedback of the fans of the franchise, who loudly asked for these features in the past, demonstrating the excellent communication of Visual Concepts and 2K with its public.


The My Player section has been completely revised for this NBA 2K20, since we have almost complete control over the assignment of the characteristics of our virtual alter ego. Not only do we have the ability to create our player as we dream of it, but we also have the task of establishing its future potential.

It should be noted that thanks to this mode, many sites dedicated to the "best builds" of the game have sprung up like mushrooms on the net, exactly as in an RPG when creating your own character!

Physical characteristics influence different game parameters such as ball control or defense.


After the creation of our NBA player 2K20 presents us with three game modes: My Team, My Career and My League. The My Team mode is practically created to "tap" real money to the player, since the amount of grinding needed to buy new packages is really high, pushing the player to open the wallet to speed up the process. The only change from the previous editions is the presence of Evoluzione cards, which allow you to "evolve" a player in our possession while respecting certain conditions indicated by the card.

My career is instead the classic story mode of NBA 2K and, it must be admitted, this year things have been done big. The story mode is indeed very respectable, perhaps the best of the franchise, with guest stars such as Idris Elba, Rosario Dawson, and Lebron James in the unusual role of Executive Producer.

Which other video game can boast two stars of this level in it?

In this mode, we take on the role of Che, a college player who decides to leave his team as a sign of protest after his best friend was "cut" following a ligament injury. In spite of everything, we also have our chance to enter the NBA, the dream of every basketball player on American soil or not. The problem that succeeding in it is absolutely not child's play, given that NBA 2K20 leads us to face more than matches, several challenges out of the parquet and overcoming our position in the draft improves. Unfortunately, some of the minigames are not made impeccably, as the controls are not as precise and fluid as those during the matches and therefore, even when faced with good performances on the pitch, our position in draft could be affected by these problems.

Once finished the Story mode (stuff of a few hours, unfortunately), we have the opportunity to visit the Neighborhood, which has not undergone major changes since the 2019 edition. There are many things to do and see in this mode and above all many shops where we spend our currency, a currency that unfortunately accumulates too slowly, just as the growth of our character's skills takes a long time. These two mechanics perhaps make 2K's clear choice to push the player to take advantage of the micro-transactions to accelerate the whole process, as if it were not already clear enough from the My Team mode.

Finally we have the mode My GM (General Manager), the most "RPG" mode of NBA 2K20. At each turn, we have at our disposal only a few points to spend on the actions proposed in the special menu, which range from meeting the owner of the franchise to chats with our players. Exactly like in an RPG our Manager accumulates experience that allows you to unlock new skill points to spend in the various branches of talent. Certainly My GM mode requires more knowledge of how the basketball world works to be able to create a phenomenal team quickly and efficiently, but the three difficulty levels also allow the novice player to pursue a career behind the desk without having to go crazy, even if they know the exchange mechanisms with the choices in the subsequent drafts, for example, it helps and not a little (but at that point one wonders why you are buying NBA 2K20).


Graphically, NBA 2K20 raises the bar for sports titles, with gods graphic models that border on perfection, especially with regard to the most famous players. The game engine, which we have already said has received some improvements in terms of gameplay, is phenomenal on the parquet, while absurdly you can notice some problems in the cutscenes, something that obviously does not affect that much on the game, but that creates anyway a certain annoyance, thinking of the effort made to make the experience exceptional.

Harden has a rating of 96, where 90 points are only of Barba!

In addition to the NBA teams, in this NBA 2K20 the teams of the WNBA, the American basketball women's league, have also been included, which is beginning to carve out an important space, like all the major women's sports leagues (think of the success of this year's women's soccer world public, even the WNBA players have been "reproduced" in a fairly faithful manner, although perhaps with a little less care than their male counterparts, and the gameplay is fundamentally different, given the different structure women's physics, with many fewer dunks and a faster and more tactical game.

To put instead under "accusation" are the loading times, definitely too long, which completely break the pace of the game, in addition to being completely out of place for a title of the end of generation on PS4, where it is assumed that the developers have all the tools to optimize these technical aspects.


NBA 2K20 proposes a well-established formula of 2K sports games: many tweaks that do not go to twist the heart of the game, now consolidated and loved by fans. There are many substantial improvements in this new edition, especially with regards to ball control and AI. The construction of the Story mode is also good, although a bit too "short". Instead to completely reject the problems with regard to loading times, really unacceptable today and the propensity of the game in La Mia Squadra mode to want to spend real money on the player at all costs. The game in digital version is really heavy, with more than 75 GB of space occupied, in addition to really interminable installation times.