Follow-Up to the Massive Hit Merge Dragons!, Merge Magic! Lets Players Conjure Mythical New Creatures

SAN FRANCISCO - (BUSINESS WIRE) -Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq: ZNGA), a global leader in interactive entertainment, today announced the worldwide launch of Merge Magic! - a brand new adventure jigsaw puzzle where players can lift the mysterious curse on new worlds by merging various creatures and matching new items to win rewards that enable them to unlock new surprises along the way.

Merge Magic! is developed by Gram Games, the studio behind global hits like Merge Dragons!, 1010! and Six!. The game features lush, stunning new graphics and highly engaging gameplay that brings puzzles to your own garden filled with unique and magical beasts. Have you ever wondered what a combined peacock and a cat would look like? In Merge Magic!, the 'Peacat' is just one of many never-before-seen, unimaginable hybrid animals you can discover in-game.

"We wanted to create a new puzzle game where players can merge anything said to Eren Yanik, Chief Product Officer of Gram Games. "The possibilities are rousing in Merge Magic!, taking our signature 'match and hatch' gameplay to bewitching new heights, offering players lots of in-depth exploration and immersing them throughout their journey. Our future in-game events will also offer different ways to interact and enjoy the gameplay, not least of our planned events for this coming autumn and Halloween. "

In Merge Magic!, players will discover enchanted tales and quests in the mysterious world of Mythia, where they can combine everything better and more powerful items for their journey through 'merging'. In the game, the only hope for the curse from the bewitched land rests in the player's extraordinary power to merge anything - eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers and even mythical creatures

"Merge Magic! said Michael Kim, President of Publishing at Zynga. "transports players to fantastical new worlds where they will discover mythical creatures like the powerful unicorn and feisty fairy and create never-seen-seen hybrids like combining an elephant and a butterfly to make butterphant." "Players will find hours of enjoyment in discovering magical objects, creating creatures, and lifting curses on mysterious new realms. "

Eggs can hatch into magical wonders, which can evolve to uncover new, more powerful hybrid creatures. Challenging puzzles and puzzle players

Get your magic creations!

Game Features:

  • Discover hundreds of fantastic objects to match, merge and interact with over 80 challenges!
  • Unearth fairies, unicorns, minotaurs and never-before-seen hybrid creatures like Peacats (peacock and cat) and many more.
  • An evil curse has been placed on the garden: take off the fog and take the creatures' home!
  • Watch out for witches: you may cross paths with evil witches, so beware!
  • Participate in frequent events and win advanced beings to take back to your garden.

Merge Magic! is now available for iOS and Android as a free download.

Editor's Note:

  • To view the supporting assets for Merge Magic! including the launch trailer, please click here.

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Gram Games is a mobile game development studio, committed to delivering high quality social games that create real bonds through play. Founded in 2012, and recently acquired by Zynga in 2018, Gram Games has built a team of industry professionals focused on creating engaging games for mobile platforms in their London and Istanbul studios - including Merge Dragons! and 1010! For more information, visit

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