Nioh 2 had a great presence during the Tokyo Game Show of this year. The creature of Koei Tecmo was revealed in a game demo, which showed the area of ​​the Village of Cursed Flowers and allowed us to take a look at the new character, his powers, the attacks, up to a boss fight with Mezuki.

Just today, we can take a new look at the title. Nioh 2, for the most part, looks like a great expansion of the first game. We never expected an update in visual or gameplay terms. Instead, Team Ninja focused on perfecting what was already functional in the first title of the series and on experimenting with new game mechanics like the fact that the protagonist is a Yokai medium, which introduces a series of new powers and ways of facing a battle.

We remember that Nioh 2 will be published at the beginning of the 2020 on PlayStation 4. A beta phase is scheduled for November 1.