John Wick Hex di Bithell Games it is really at the door, since it will be released exclusively on the Epic Games Store.8 October, both for PC and Mac. John Wick Hex was described by Bithell Games and from the publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment as "a chessboard full of choreographic fights, and realized as a strategic action oriented. "You can try to better understand whatever this means by observing the gameplay in the new trailer:

The trailer in question also provides a minimum of narrative context, and shows us a great variety of settings, as well as action scenes. Ian McShane plays Winston again while Lance Reddick back to wearing Charon's clothes.

Every second will be crucial in the game. We will in fact consume ammunition and any kind of resource at our disposal to track down Hex, a new villain chasing Wick. We told you about the official announcement of the game, not long ago, in an article you can find at this link.

John Wick Hex

And you, what do you think? Are you a fan of the film series? Will the gameplay style and the particular genre take you to buy John Wick Hex, or will you just see good old Keanu Reeves slap the bad guys on the big screen? Let us know in the comments.