Elite Dangerous is updated with the new starter experience that allows new players to better understand the basics and dynamics of the game.

The veterans of the space simulator they are well aware that the game, before this update, was not very accessible to all players. But with the starter experience, these dynamics change, guaranteeing first and foremost a new experience to learn the basics of the game.

The update inserts a new voice introduction to the flight controls and many other new features. Veteran players will have access to a new livery system and the new virtual currency called ARX.

As you can see in the video at the bottom of the news, the system introduced in Elite Dangerous for new players offers all the information to be able to start playing without too many problems, how to undertake the first journey in hyperspace, how to dock in space stations and of course the new livery system.

The ARX coin that you can get through purchases or playing, you can use it to buy decals, new colors for the ship, the bubbleheads figurines and much more. Obviously the ARX replaces the old premium coin of the game that from the release of this update, it will no longer be purchasable or usable in favor of the ARX.

Given the numerous changes made by the update, expect some problems to access the shop and servers. Speaking of updates, you've heard that Borderlands 3 will not add characters via DLC?