Borderlands 3 it is a title that many, too many, were waiting for. Despite some technical criticisms (declines in framerates, bailouts lost but you can read this and more in the our review), the action shooter of Gearbox Software it's damn funny and apparently the players have trusted the brand, making over 5 millions of copies sold reach in a few days.

Also considering the ostracism of many players towards Epic Games Store, which has the exclusivity of Borderlands 3 up to the 2020, they are very interesting sales data from which two curiosities can be extracted.

The first one that Borderlands 3 is the cross-platform game with the highest number of digital sales in percentages, with over 70% of the players who have preferred to buy the game through the stores and not the physical copy, also because the super deluxe edition with the season pass included in the retail version has sold out in no time.

The second is that with the sales of this title, the Borderlands franchise has exceeded a billion dollars in revenue, becoming the second 2K brand to reach this milestone, after NBA 2K.