La Arkham series di Rocksteady Games it ended four years ago with Arkham Knight, but there is always the possibility that there may be secondary stories, prequels and new beginnings in the future. The developer WB Games Montreal, in the past, it has already created one, or Arkham Origins. Why not make another one?

On the occasion of '80 anniversary of Batman, the developer has published a video in which the iconic symbol of the bat man is projected on a building. Looking at it carefully, you can see a series of symbols. This could indicate that the study could be working on a new Batman title.

Twitter users have realized that the video contains four different symbols, but none of these is known in the Batman universe. WB clearly wants people to investigate and try to understand it.

A popular theory, which we think may also be the most probable, is that the symbols in question refer to a secret society known as the Court of Owls o the League of Assassins.

For now there have been no official confirmations yet. Some speculations speak of an announcement planned already this week. The appointments to circle on the calendar are two: the expected State of Play by Sony to be held on Tuesday 24 September at the 22: 00 e Inside Xbox, Wednesday 25 September at 24.