During a recent one interview held by Game Informer towards Shigeru Omori, Game Director for the highly anticipated pair of titles Sword and Shield Pokémon, some have been provided information on eighth generation titles now to be released on the global market.

Omori first revealed the presence of one unpublished mechanics for the series: for the first time, a mechanic will be available to players self rescue, which will prevent the accidental loss of the progress made during their travels in the colorful region of Galar. This functionality will remain however optional, since although activated by default at the beginning of the game, it will be possible at any time to deactivate it in favor of a more traditional one manual saving.

Pokémon Sword and Shield - Starter

In response to a question from the interviewer, the Game Freak employee later clarified the functionality of an instrument characteristic of the entire Pokémon video game series: the Share Experience, an instrument present since the second generation of Gold and Silver Pokémon, cross and delight of millions of Coaches around the world.

It seems that Pokémon Sword and Shield titles will put an end to the game once and for all diatribe among those who think this tool makes the game too easy and those who praise him as indispensable in order to make the whole team level up in the same way: all 6 Pokémon present in the team will receive experience from battles regardless from having taken part in the fighting or not, without needing to any external tool and according to a method very similar to that adopted in Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee.

Sword and Shield Pokémon - Lake

Finally, it was during the interview confirmed the absence of the now obsolete mechanics of MN also in the eighth generation titles, and that the Pokémon that will be excluded from the Regional Pokédex of Galar they will make their return in the titles of future years - In spite of everything it is not yet clear whether this will result in an effective return of the beloved National Pokédex or in a list of Pokémon always truncated by some pocket monsters.

Missing less and less very long live Pokémon promised to us by Nintendo: what do you think the new rescue feature that will be introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield? You would have preferred a subdivision of the experience more traditional from what will be offered by the eighth generation titles?