GTA V is certainly one of the most popular and successful games, but what happens once all the available missions are over?

I state that if you are among those who love the multiplayer mode, then you certainly have something to play, but what remains for those who love pure single player? Well, one thing for you is one mod pack from 70 missions.

Modder Alebal has built missions using the powerful Mission Maker Tool and judging the trailer, it seems that none of the missions is the same as the other. You will transport goods, you will fly with helicopters, you will shoot at some outposts, you will be skydiving from a boat and in the end you will experience what it means to be a sniper stationed on a roof.

However, Alebal's work is not finished, in facti the user is creating new 10 mod ready to be released with the next big update, keep in mind that the last one happened last week. If you start playing now the 70 missions available in the time you need to finish the last one, Alebal may have already released the next ten.

To install the mod, you will need to read carefully the dedicated page. You will first need to download Mission Maker to make it all work. If during the process some mods should not work, take a look at the comments where Alebal himself suggests different solutions. Some missions will require the mod Open All Interior, while the 44 mission needs to this mod.

As mentioned above, if you get teased I suggest you start playing the 70 missions created by the modder now and most likely, once you finish the last mission, you will end up with other new 10 activities.

What do you think of this mod? Do you like the idea of ​​trying GTA V with activities designed by others? Or do you prefer to launch into multiplayer once the original campaign of the game is over? About mod, if you like visual realism, take a look to this.