It is not something so unexpected and it is Sony itself who says so long note on your official blog: PlayStation 5 will arrive next year, more specifically a Christmas .

With this announcement not only is confirmed the name of the next Sony console, but they have also been spread some news on what the next generation of the Japanese company will offer.

PlayStation 5 will mount a SSD which will allow a drastic reduction in loading times, as well as allowing developers to build wider and more detailed worlds. Speaking of physical games, instead, these will arrive up to 100 GB, thanks to the excellent unit that will also act as a Blu-ray player.

The news, however, will also be in the field of controllers, with a new Dualshock (although the name has not yet been formalized). This new device will have "adaptive triggers”(L2 / R2) which will allow different levels of resistance for a high level simulation.

The historic vibration obviously returns, but with a more faithful and engaging system that will make the rumble more realistic than ever, as well as the integrated speaker that will be improved and will guarantee extraordinary effects. Finally, the controller will be slightly heavier of the current Dualshock 4 and can be loaded via a USB type-C connector.

Small information that will surely make the happiness of all those who can't wait to get their hands on next gen from Sony.