Towards the brand of Destiny I have opposing feelings, hatred and love. I started playing the first chapter practically on day one, after having ripped off a hundred euros for the Collector's Edition, which is still gathering dust on my library, together with a friend of mine. I played almost every day until the end of the year 1. I almost completely skipped the Casato Dei Lupi and then resumed it later with the King of Corrupted, abandoning it definitively shortly after the release of I Signori Del Ferro with about 500 hours behind. Many for a standard video game, few for an MMO like Destiny. Much of which goes solo, certainly not the best way to fully enjoy the experience, but it's something I've always done, even in World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV. In any case, I still had the chance to enjoy the various raids and I was all in all satisfied with the experience of the first title of one Bungie recently escaped from Microsoft's protective wing, where she had been involved in the making of various Halo titles for almost ten years. For this reason I purchased Destiny 2 with so much hope; partly disregarded, partly realized.

Destiny 2
Gambling is my favorite mode

This is also the absolute best time to start playing Destiny 2. Bungie, after leaving Activision, brought his creation with him by transferring it from to Steam and also making it free-to-play. This new experience is called A new light and allows anyone to play almost the entire game except for the last expansion. You then have the opportunity to dedicate yourself to campaigns related to Red War, Curse of Osiris, Bellic Mind e renegades, with lots of hours of play available. In case you are interested in buying the expansion immediately, Bungie has implemented a good method to avoid the grinding needed to go up Luce, the level that distinguishes the power of our character. Practically, as soon as purchased, the PGs will start directly from the 750 Light level, with which it is possible to start directly with the last expansion, Shadows from the Deep. However don't worry: in case you want to play the old contents anyway, they will always be available from Amanda inside the Tower, the main title HUB. Talking in depth about all the contents of this latest expansion is an impossible task at the moment. As in the Renegades, Bungie intends to publish all new content gradually, adding from week to week new missions, weapons, events and elements of lore that increase even more the knowledge of the immense world of Destiny. Consequently, at the completion of the expansion, we will return to discuss it in a more thorough and definitive way. This should be considered as a first impression of what is being proposed at the moment.

Destiny 2
Certain settings are perfect

With this new addition to the Destiny 2 game proposal we return to a well-known destination for players in the first chapter: the moon. And the return is very tangible since almost all the environments have been literally recycled, a practice that Bungie uses often and willingly. Many places have not been touched in the slightest. In any case, let's go back to the Moon because recalled by Eris Morn who tells us strange and disturbing movements of theHive towards the Scarlet Fortress. We therefore discover the presence of a mysterious one Black Pyramid, beneath the lunar soil, which emanates a powerful darkness that contrasts the Light brought by our guardians, whose secrets we must discover, and which transforms the enemies into more powerful versions called Nightmares.
The innovations introduced do a lot leverage on the nostalgia effect, an operation that I personally believe is successful and at the same time, as was obvious, introduces many new elements to the lore general. Unfortunately, even in this case, the narrative sins and appears to be at least small. The cutscenes and dialogues of the various NPCs we meet are nothing but the tip of the iceberg of what Bungie wrote and everything has to be deepened by searching for secrets scattered on the map, a methodology followed also in the first chapter and in the previous expansions that are not never managed to please me. At the moment it is not possible to give a real definitive opinion on the story as it will unfold for a long time to come.

Destiny 2
Oh well, let's start well

One of the biggest changes introduced is the total modification of the reinforcement system. Up until the Forsaken the characters had at their disposal three different features to keep an eye on, which have now doubled. Mobility, resilience, recovery, intellect, discipline e force they combine with each other, giving rise to builds that are decidedly more varied than in the past and which must be kept in mind above all in the endgame phase, the moment in which you aim at perfecting your character and making a real difference, even in PvP mode . They are accompanied by a series of new missions and businesses, among which there is also theaddition of exotic weaponry, which requires the completion of various steps for the acquisition or improvement of the weapon or piece of armor. As in any expansion, the cap of the achievable Light Level has been increased. The softcap, which is reached at the end of the few missions that make up the campaign at the moment, is set at 900. To increase it even more you have to compete in the different proposed modes, divided between PvP, PvE and a mixed, in order to meet certain objectives and gain engrams with which you get increasingly powerful armament.

Destiny 2
The artifact, increasing in level, unlocks some bonuses

You can then start killing other guardians in the PvP of the Crucible, which is also divided into various modes, among which there is a leveling of the Light except for the Competitive mode, where our equipment makes the difference. Following it is possible to face the Vanguard Assaults, missions slightly longer than usual with a boss at the end and with various modifiers that can give bonuses or malus. The mode is then present Venture, my favourite. Mixed between PvP and PvE, he sees two teams involved in collecting particles to download. Based on how many are delivered, a powerful enemy appears to the other team and their ability to deliver them is inhibited. Upon reaching the one hundred particles delivered, a boss appears to be killed as quickly as possible. In all this it is also possible to invade the other team through a portal that opens every now and then. Each of these modes expands also thanks to the presence of Sizes, specific objectives delivered by different NPCs and that allow to increase the Seasonal Pass area of Season of the Timeless, another novelty introduced with Shadows from the Deep.

Destiny 2
My dear Whisper of Verm1e / Fuso Martellante, we meet again

It is a sort of Fortnite-style Battle Pass, with one double row of rewards. The first contains the free ones, while the second row is reserved for pass buyers, in this case included in the expansion. If you do not have the expansion, you can still buy it at 10 euro. The level increase is influenced by everything we do - sizes, assaults, PvP, missions - and no particular objectives are required to move from one level to another. Speaking of new content, let's talk about theVex offensive. For various reasons, our Vex loved ones have begun to invade the Moon and it's up to us to find out why. Once you have met some of the requirements of a company, access to this new six-player mode and set in the already known is unlocked Black Garden. Inside we have to defeat waves on waves of Vex, until we get to Crotheon and get what all players want: loot, so much loot. The last innovation introduced so far is represented by the Nightmares Hunts, three missions ending with the killing of some historical bosses (one in particular, dealt with too many times) in the Incubo version.

Destiny 2
Hi Ikora

In short, the work to do is certainly not lacking and a Raid has already been added even if, at the moment, I can't talk about it because I haven't had the chance to play it yet. The gunplay is more than satisfying, with each weapon well differentiated and the blows that "feel". The paraphernalia system is similar to the one chosen for Borderlands, with random modifications for each collected weapon which therefore allows, in theory, to build several different builds even if then the "goal", in PvP, is reduced to the use of two / three precise weapons. At least until Bungie notices and nerfa. In short, with this operation we can speak of a real rebirth of Destiny 2. His being free-to-play will guarantee an almost constant flow of players who may even be directed to purchase the DLC or Season Pass. Certainly, new contents will always be added until November 19, at least according to roadmap published by Bungie. We will therefore hear from you for that time for a more in-depth review of my experience within Shadows from the Deep. For a gallery of screenshots in 4K you can connect to following link.