This time it's Ubisoft, in a totally unexpected and unexpected way, to give us a free and (potentially) beautiful game. Potentially because, until two days ago, nothing was known about this title. Let's talk about Rabbids Coding, a title that revisits the famous saga of bunnies in a completely new way. Announced two days ago with a release trailer on Youtube, Rabbids Coding wants to discover (and learn) the basics of programming with simplicity and fun. The Rabbids have invaded the international space station: our task will be to send them into orbit before they destroy everything! The game is developed on 32 levels, to be overcome with logic exercises and reasoning typical of the programming. Below is the presentation trailer:

Rabbids Coding, as already mentioned, was announced and made available for free download immediately. NWe therefore do not know if the intention is to make it free-to-play forever or if it is a "launch offer". What we can advise you, to remove your doubt, is to download it immediately. To do it, just click here. You obviously need to have an active Uplay account.
If you are hungry for free games, I remind you that the new free title offered by the Epic Games Store: Surviving Mars will soon be available. Flat ficco, I get into it!