The Epic Games Store weekly program continues undaunted and we, without fear, continue to follow it. This time the game offered is really a bomb, played and reviewed by our vate on the YouTube channel of Parliamo di Videogiochi. Developed by the Bulgarians of Haemimont Games and published by Paradox Interactive the 15 March of 2018, Surviving Mars is a management software set on Mars, precisely, where the goal is to ensure the survival of our colony. The game, usually available for around thirty euros, is, from today, downloadable for free until next Thursday. If you want to do it immediately, that's enough simply click here.
You must, of course, be in possession of an active Epic Games account.

If you want to learn more about Surviving Mars or, more simply, if you have 15 minutes to recover a video of our Fraws, I strongly advise you to take a look at the video that I leave you below. It explains in detail all there is to know about the title, accompanied by the most sexy and eloquent voice in Italy.


In addition to Surviving Mars, if you're in the mood for picking up aggratis games I highly recommend Rabbids Coding, new fresh fresh title of publication and made available (free) by Ubisoft. We talked about it in this Free is beautiful.