The famous anime fighter of Arc System Works is coming back. After the success of Dragonball FighterZ, the software house returns to its most characteristic and intriguing product: Guilty Gear. After a quick look at Soul Badguy, Ky Kysuke and May, here is the new trailer dedicated entirely to Axl Low:

If this is not enough, know that the demo that will be present at theArcRevo this year, will present 6 playable characters. Unfortunately, it is still not known who will occupy these empty spaces, although probably in the coming weeks they too will receive a presentation trailer, perhaps the November 3 on the occasion of the new Arc Nama Live Stream, which will also focus on this new Guilty Gear of course.

Axl Low

It is also hoped that during the ArcRevo 2019 you can get more news about it on fighting, since most of the information is shrouded in mystery, including of course the coveted exit date. If you were to bet, what will be the next character after Axl Low?