Fortnite is completely blocked on the famous black hole screen from more than 24 hours, and many are wondering what's going on. Between rumors and leaks that pop up on every side, here's some additional information on what, for all intents and purposes, will be the second chapter of one of Epic Games' luckiest titles.


Exit date?

No one knows for sure. Some rumors say it should be around 15 October in China, but at the moment there is no confirmation from Epic Games, which is strangely silent on the subject.

From when will it be downloadable?

Again, there is no precise information. According to some leaks, some players would have already somehow obtained access to the Fortnite update, which according to rumors should weigh around 13 GB.

Why is Fortnite currently offline?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Instead of closing the tenth season in conventional ways, Epic has decided to create a mass event that will lay the foundation for one renewed and different version of the game once it is back online. How long will it remain offline? No one can say it safely.


What will Fortnite 2 consist of?

Fortnite 2 it will be, in its aims and intentions, a Completely new Fortnite. If the players have always played on the same map over the past few years, this new chapter should add a lot of meat to the fire. All we have, for now, are rumors and leaks, and we can only hope for further clarification from Epic Games. Despite this, there are those who say that various elements will be included, including boats, a new level system, cases of weapons and other news.

Unfortunately, there is still little information available about Fortnite 2. We just have to wait for declarations and updates from Epic Games. Meanwhile, let's get ready to welcome (willy-nilly) the return of one of the most talked-about games of recent times.