The Witcher 3, after several months of waiting, is preparing to arrive also on Nintendo Switch.

Digital Foundry recently analyzed the hybrid version of the big N (even comparing it with the PlayStation 4 edition) and the final result it was, surprisingly, positive.

Below you can find a summary of what emerged from the video:

  • The Witcher 3, if played in docked, has one dynamic resolution that reaches up to 720p but can go down to 540p, which is the resolution that you get it if you play in portable mode.
  • The NPCs in Nintendo's hybrid edition are similar to those found on other platforms.
  • Good job of compressing textures and sounds
  • Il title framerate is fixed to 30 fps but it can lower itself to 20 and presents some difficulties in the portable version.
  • Pop-in present that occurs during the cutscenes

So The Witcher 3 seems to have managed to exceed expectations regarding the Nintendo Switch edition. And what do you think?