For those who did not know "Internet Archive" it is a beautiful site where many games have been found (and not only, since you can also find books, films and music) from the past. To be free they are free, to be beautiful some are beautiful and then we can only point out this news, even if it is not the usual announcement that you are used to in the section "Free is beautiful".

In fact theInternet Archive it has been updated with more than 2500 titles, including obviously many "crap" (technical videogame term by industry experts!). But digging in the depths of this archive you can find real masterpieces of the time such as Alone in the Dark, Descent, Ultima Underworld, Wipeout or my favorite Cannon Fooder.

The best thing is that you don't need to download anything, that's enough go to the site, click on a title and play.

And for all this we have to thank the eXoDOS project