The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has come up Nintendo Switch and despite some cuts that are easily predictable compared to the versions arrived on the other platforms, Saber Interactive however he did a great job on the title of CD Project Red. Of course, for the graphics sector it has come down to big compromises and the title runs on 30 fps but it's still incredible to see it run on a small portable console like Switch.

However, it seems that the modders have taken the situation in hand and have enabled some options that Saber Interactive had removed from the game.

It should be noted that this mod is only accessible on hacked consoles and is obviously unofficial. You can take a look at the improvements in the video just below:


It seems that this mod simply enables the settings present in the PC version which were then hidden in the console versions. Furthermore it is not clear how stable the game can be if run this way and obviously we advise against even trying it out and continuing to play The Witcher 3 on Switch as it was designed by the software house.