Sonic, the eternal rival of Mario, seems to be receiving a new life thanks to his fanbase. Without considering the upcoming movie, which has had its beautiful ups and downs, Sonic is back in the limelight thanks to Sonic Mania, realized by Christian Whitehead, fangame maker Retro Sonic, and which aspired to a return to the origins of the blue hedgehog. And now let's get back to talking of games made by fans with Sonic: Project Hero, for an 3D game made with Unity that looks like a better version of Sonic adventure.

The Hero developer worked on one playable demo for Windows e Mac. There are still no real levels but only a large area full of obstacles, hills, rings and enemies.

Sonic: Project Hero is fluid and the animations seem really well done. It is also possible to play as Tails and Knuckles. The natural concern for such a project is that the owners of the IP eliminate everything through lawyers, interrupting development. Fortunately, Sega has historically taken a very lenient stance towards Sonic, as precisely in the case of Sonic Mania.

If you are interested in the demo, log on to following link and proceed to download the file.