THQ Nordic announced that Darksiders Genesis, the last title of the series, will be available on PC il 5 December. As for the console versions, instead, there will still be a bit to wait, probably until February 14 2020 to PS4 Xbox One, while there is no news for the version yet Nintendo Switch.

Darksiders Genesis is a action/adventure which resumed with both hands from the style of the previous chapters, but this time turns into a dungeon crawler isometric, along the lines of the series Diablo. Players will face off with hordes of angels, demons, and everything that separates the Earth from Hell, to make it short. The title includes both close combat (with swords) and long distance (mainly through firearms).

Furthermore, Darksiders Genesis will allow players to take a look at the game world before the events told in the first chapter of the series, providing further narrative background.


Here are some features of the game:

  • Overwhelmed hordes of angels and demons through the knight Strife, playable for the first time
  • Instantly trade between War and Strife during frantic single-player gameplay sessions
  • Explore the world of Darksiders and sow devastation with a friend thanks to the cooperative mode for two players
  • Discover a completely new plot, which is placed before the original events of Darksiders
  • Increase your strength by unlocking and collecting items, skills, weapon enchantments and more

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the release of Darksiders Genesis? In the meantime, you can enjoy the trailer below: