It's been a little over a year since Shuntaro Furukawa he became president of Nintendo and, immediately, the former accounting officer (a role he held in 1994) made it clear that he would respect the traditions of the company.

Like his predecessors, also Furukawa intends to expand the Nintendo audience as much as possible and one of the keys to doing this is to leave the maximum creative freedom for developers, allowing him to experiment with new ideas:

First of all, I base my decisions on the development leader's way of thinking.

Nintendo is Nintendo because of our games, characters and IP. So giving our teams the freedom to experiment with new ideas is something I strongly agree with.

Expansion cannot take place without the freedom to try something new and the courage to enter an unknown territory.

So Shuntaro Furukawa will continue with the old Nintendo policy of experimentation: as has happened so far, therefore, too in the next years we will see more traditional games alongside something less conventional.