The Cooler Masters MH751 present themselves as gaming headsets balanced, From 'great comfort e minimalistic. The combination of "gaming" and "balanced" when it comes to audio in itself is something strange. For many years, the purists of sound brought it to war on their gaming headphones. With their bass shot. Covering dubious qualities in all other ranges. To take advantage of software to create surround effects, to deceive even more.

MH 751 headset
To avoid inadvertent cable losses, both the microphone and the audio cable are interlocked and very solid.

No RGB, little shape, all substance. MIRACLE.

For this reason I was extremely amazed when, ear-phones ... to my ear, I didn't hear a low overwhelming coming from MH751. He was almost dozing: right, I dare say. And so I appropriated with extreme curiosity in thoroughly testing this headset.

Let's start with the technical features. The MH751 features 40mm diameter drivers, a frequency response range from 20 to 20000Hz, an input impedance of 26 Ω, an 3.5mm jack for audio connection, a sensitivity of 97dB ± 3 dB to 1khz. The unit has a microphone on a detachable omnidirectional flexible structure, with a sensitivity of -42 ± 3dB (@ 1KHz) and a signal-to-noise ratio of 55dB. Along the cable, there is a volume regulator and an on / off switch for the microphone.

These are closed headphones, so there is no perspiration towards the ear pads. This like all headphones of this type involves a possible violent summer sweat, but on the other hand they better isolate from external noises, keeping the sound concentrated inside the body. In the package there is a microfiber bag to carry them around comfortably. They barely weigh 280 grams including all cables. The pavilions are rotatable by 75 ° and can be adjusted to different heights, in a few seconds there is a configuration suitable for your head and you are ready.

After a long session at Borderlands with friends, I forgot I had them in mind they were so comfortable. That said, I put these headphones to a solid test, listening to all kinds of high quality music, movies and games, both single and in multiplayer. The tests were done either by connecting the headphones to the sound card of the motherboard, or to one audio card dedicated, all without sound manipulation. I have a fairly long list of songs

MH751 package
The packaging has a very premium feel

Closed design, almost semi-open soundstage

The results were really excellent. I was positively impressed by the balance of the MH751. The tone of these headphones is neutral, which is not something negative: simply the sound has no particular deformation. The entire frequency range has a regular response. This allows an excellent identification of each sound source and has advantages in practically every field. In the games we can better distinguish a complex audio scenario, like that of competitive online shooters, but also better to appreciate the various environmental sounds of an exploratory game. Even in listening to music, this balance is appreciated, with all the instruments that remain the protagonists of a performance, no one badly crippled.

However, emotion is missing. Energy. Those pompous fired sounds that some may prefer. At low frequencies it is very well compensated with a good DAC system, able to equalize the sound at best. The headphones respond well to amplification and improve significantly.

The last component to be under pressure was the microphone of the MH751. I think the most genuine result was "you felt good and clear", said by my friends during a multiplayer game session. I have however subjected the microphone to some recordings and listenings, comparing it with several more and less expensive solutions and I must say that I have found the rendering of the item very clean and clear. Especially if acquired from a good audio chipset, like that of high-end motherboards or a dedicated sound card. Although I admit that the most comfortable feature of the microphone is the flexibility of the cable, which makes it adjustable as desired.

In all honesty, I can't find any major flaws at MH751. I can say that the pavilions are glued, therefore not replaceable after years of wear. The volume control is a little too low along the cable. And have few LEDs? Consider, however, that all my praises are related to the price range. These are headphones from 70 €: the cost of a new game on day one. Which makes you wear comfortable headphones at home, with a balanced sound and a good microphone. The 26 Ω make them usable on every device, and I got to try them also on Switch Lite and on mobile, with the same good results. Best Buy.