A few weeks later logo renewal, branding and functionality carried out by Twitch comes the news of a important change for the streaming platform also in High floors of the management, where the former will take place from now on Chief Marketing Officer di Zynga Doug scott.

Scott will play the same role for Twitch (previously left vacant after the departure of Kate Jhaveri) had in the past for the development company for mobile titles which gave birth, among others, to games such as Empire & Allies, Cityville e Draw Something. Previous experiences have seen him as marketing manager for DeNA (note for collaborating in the creation of Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and others) and in other companies totally outside the stage of videogame development.

Doug Scott - Twitch

Twitch's Chief Operating Officer Sara Clemens it has so commented the entrance on stage of colleague Doug Scott:

Doug's long experience in brand expansion into new market segments through games and entertainment products will be ideal for Twitch's marketing strategy. With the growth of our platform, Doug Scott will play an indispensable role in spreading our global market like wildfire and supporting our incredible Creators.

What do you think of the direction taken from Twitch? Will the streaming platform be subject to radical changes following the arrival of the new CMO Doug Scott?