A year ago, in October 2018, Capcom he had announced the live action by Mega Man, iconic character of the software house and the videogame world. To the historical ones of Resident Evil and the future Monster Hunter, therefore, a film of the Blue Bomber will also be added, although until now the traces have been lost.

In the last financial report, in fact, Capcom has reassured and reiterated that the film is still in the works, although information has not yet been issued:

To generate synergy with its popular games through greater awareness and value of the global brand, the Company has produced world-leading content, with brands such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil transformed into Hollywood films, now followed by Monster Hunter and Mega Man , which are also planned for film adaptation as live action.

Good news for all lovers of Mega Man who did not see, and still see, the time to admire the Blue Bomber on the big screens. We hope that the final result is worthy of the name it bears.