They exist in the world thousand di sports disciplines: to practice on the beach, in the mountains, on the streets and in the gym. Certainly they even go into the comfort of their own home, without even having to unrivet from comfort of your own sofa. Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 on Nintendo Switch responds so much to this category of home sports as for those who are eager to test the discipline they practice in a totally digital context.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020

All in the stadium on Nintendo Switch

How I got to illustrate during the preview to Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, the title proposes a list of 34 sporting activities, some unpublished and others recurrent to the series Nintendo, which can be addressed using only one, both Joy-Con or even a more traditional one control via keys (without therefore any motion sensor). This is where the title proves higher than the classic Mario Party: the immense diversification of activities present comes the always different uses of Nintendo Switch controllers, ready to become a arc, a tennis racket, a rapier and so on. The options therefore are not lacking: both those and increase the difficulty as much as those that allow the choice of one's character, each with different yields and parameters, even the possibility of challenging the CPU and one's friends in one of the 10 retro games included in the package of disciplines available. Characterized by a glorious graphic in NES style and playable without any motion sensor, these games are a gem that will do go crazy the historic fans of the series. Obviously a rich person is not missing multiplayer compartment be on aonly console, which through wireless connection between multiple hybrid consoles and through the internet thanks to the subscription Nintendo Switch Online, thanks to which it will be possible to challenge friends near and far.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020

The Story mode

The title comes enriched from a simple but nice story mode to play in single player, which sees us committed to defusing the rocambolesco plan implemented by Dr. Eggman in the company of Bowser, who succeeded in to trap the Sonic and Mario counterparts inside a video game console. Our heroes will have to, in order to succeed in escape the clutches of the bad guys, win the more gold medals possible in Tokyo 1964 activities. Luigi, for his part, will have to do the same in those of the 2020 in the company of the remaining characters, in an attempt to save his brother. This mode is nothing if not an excuse that pushes the player to try all the available disciplines, accompanied by a plot that takes place through text and almost for the whole without customized animations. Between one challenge and another is possible visit some historical points of the city of Tokyo: from Tokyo Tower at the intersection of akihabara, to pass by the river Sumida and different stages of the Japanese city. It is possible in them gather numerous anecdotes regarding Tokyo and the Olympic Games, but unfortunately this exploration turns out to be very limited.

Sports for all tastes

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 offers, as already mentioned, an incredibly diverse number of disciplines: between canoeing, football, fencing, marathon and much more. is difficult for anyone not to find one that suits his taste. Very welcome returns are those of the Dream activity, extended versions of counterparties in the title. I particularly appreciated how they, from the first to the last, require one minimum dose of experience to be played: anyone can shake the Joy-Con and get a fair amount of points, but if you are willing to invest some time you can find out tricks and special moves which had initially escaped instead of the first game. Honorable mentions go to the games of shooting, Of 'aerobics and climbing, present in the category "2020", And the marathon e canoe category Retro 1964: all able to provide fun and easy to understand gaming experiences while remaining difficult to master fully so as to please even hardcore gamers.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020

In conclusion

I got to try everything Mario & Sonic ai offers Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games for over a month: I've seen arrows fly for the screen of my Nintendo Switch, I have paddled like a madman between the banks of the Sumida river, I suffered KO technicians from Dr. Eggman and I am climbed for miles and miles. But the best experience that was me transmitted from this title is the one I got to experience by trying out some of the games it offers over the course of Milan Games Week in Milan, where I worked as promoter on behalf of Nintendo: in addition to boys in the company of their friends, I was able to observe entire families congregate in front of Nintendo Switch and challenge each other with karate blows, parents advise their children to take into account the wind direction in shooting an arrow, and young kids discover with wonder the back section of the title and end up passing by all the time available to them. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 is a title that is absolutely worth both to play alone, as well as to discover in the company of friends and family members.