Unity has recently vested Obvioos, who had created an application for a service 3D streaming in real time, Called Furioos.

The platform uses the same technology as the cloud gaming to stream 3D software on any device with an internet connection. This allows users to outsource any activity that their device is unable to perform. Unity says that the acquisition of this functionality represents a further step forward for the full accessibility of development, which means a great support for all the developers and aspiring ones.


"Furioos is compatible with any device capable of receiving streamed videos, such as a smartphone's web browser. It is automatically balanced by adapting to the number of visits in real time and from anywhere in the world", Says an insider on the Unity blog.

"As a platform, Furioos allows you to stream any Windows application, simply by dragging a ZIP file. It can be used to insert any application into any website - just like a video on Youtube. "

Furioos has been widely used in architecture, construction, product design and real estate. In these fields the application will continue to work as usual, but the acquisition of Unity will guarantee a continuous connection with the platform of theengine of developers.