Nintendo's "interactive" collection line continues to expand. The Amiibo family expands in fact further with the entry of Dark Samus and Richter, characters belonging respectively to the brands of Metroid and Catselvania. Thanks to a tweet from Wario64 we can take a look at the packaging of the two products.

The Dark Samus amiibo is looking absolutely stellar, but Richter is nothing to sneeze at either. [Image by Wario64]

Obviously, the two Figures they are based on the character design and look of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rather than staying true to their original appearance. As usual, the care dedicated to these products is of a good standard, especially considering the quality / price ratio.

Of course one wonders at this point, after the arrival of Terry Bogard on the Smash roster, when his Amiibo will be presented.

Dark Samus and Richter will be launched on the market starting from 17 January 2020.