Activision is interested in expanding the number of its mobile games and apparently the company would like to create games for each of their franchises.

So Activision is examining the possibilities and potential of its titles to create mobile versions of the same. To confirm this is Cody Johnson, President and creative director of Activision Blizzard who confirmed the "renewed" interest in the mobile world.

Don't be surprised if Activision wants to focus more on the smartphone world, basically one third of its global revenue is due to the mobile video game market. Pushing towards this decision was King, the mobile giant that developed Candy Crush that was bought by Activision in the 2015.

"A third of our business is already on mobile. We have the largest presence of mobile games in the West. So we want to build on that leadership position. We think it's a foundation of strength to do it. The mobile sector is a huge opportunity, and we think not only for Call of Duty and not just for Diablo Immortal ", these are Johnson's words.

Johnson added that the mobile world is getting stronger and stronger and this is helping Activsion adapt its AAA titles to pocket screens.

"The types of AAA games we make are ready to run on mobile devices due to the improvement of their processing capacity and graphics" and continues "And honestly due to the evolution of players' expectations. And now the case is that many of the most successful global games are action in first person, strategy; everyone aligns, as you might imagine, very well with our portfolio. [And] we have a great ability to do all this "

Johnson wanted to say how Activision is in a privileged position on the mobile market because it has some of the most popular titles in the gaming world. He wanted to point out the recent launch of the lucky one Call of Duty Mobile which with its 100milioni downloads has become a success also because it bears the name of one of the most consolidated brands in history.

"In terms of what we will do, one could imagine that we are looking at all our franchises. We want to do it where it makes sense " he said.

Activision is considering the launch of new mobile titles based on three criteria. The first is the launch of a game that "extends the existing gameplay" and Call of Duty Mobile is an example. The mobile version of the shooter contains maps, characters and weapons of the console version, this means that in the future we will see other franchises do the same.

Activision is considering the launch of alternative versions of its games for PCs and consoles, to make you understand the card game Hearthstone is a case in point as it is born thanks to World of Warcraft. To conclude with the criteria, the last piece for the company is the launch of a "truly cross-platform" title that will be fully compatible with PCs, consoles and smartphones.

What do you think of Activision Blizzard's vision for the mobile world? Meanwhile, you have heard what awaits us as monetization in Diablo IV?