The Italian box office data confirmed that the most viewed movie currently in cinemas over the past weekend is "The Wall Street girls".

The film with Jennifer Lopez, in fact, has debuted with 1.563.233 euro in just four days of programming, breaking down the competition by Siani with "The most beautiful day in the world "(1.278.949 this week for a total of 4.753.994 euros) and “The Addams Family ”currently holds out on the total 5 million.

Among the news in the room we also find, "The Golden Men " who collected 428 thousand euros, "Parasite" (remember to be the winning film of the Palme d'Or) 381 thousand euros, e "Motherless Brooklyn - The secrets of a city"Only 361 thousand euros.

"Joker" instead, it is confirmed as fourth with 28.108,199 total euros. So a great debut for Lorene Scafaria's film.