Epic through its Epic Games Store has just kicked off an event to thank the creators of community content.

Thus Epic officially kicked off its event to thank the content creators of its platform. The event that started today at 17: 00, continue until November 18 ending at 17: 00, But how does it work? Do you need to be a developer to participate? No, rest assured.

The event allows those who buy one of the valid games for the initiative of get 10 euro voucher after the first purchase, such as? Enter the tag of your favorite creator and once you have taken the game that interests you, Epic will upload the aforementioned voucher to your account, which will be used only for the games participating in the initiative. If you find yourself with more purchase vouchers, know that the aforementioned vouchers will expire on 30 April 2020.

Since the event is made to support your favorite creator, the developers participating in the initiative and the program Supports a creator, who reminds you serves to support community creators, have decided to increase the entry fee from 5% to the percentages you will see below.

If you're interested or you're just curious to learn more about the Epic event, here's a quick and easy way to get there the FAQ event. What will you buy to support your community? Do you have a favorite creator or do you take advantage of the opportunity just to take some extra games?

While Epic Games supports its communities, Google for its part reveals Giochi 12 who will be present on Stadia at the launch of the service.