It's no secret that Nintendo is trying to expand his audience with the recent Nintendo Switch Lite.

Company president Shuntaro Furukawa recently revealed that the registrations for these new models have one highest percentage of female users, and that "a good portion of consumers" bought Switch Lite as device secondary.

Nintendo Switch

Even the president of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser, has noticed this trends. Here's what he said during an interview with Fortune: "We're noticing that a higher percentage of female users are buying Nintendo Switch Lite. We see this console as a great opportunity to get closer to this part of users. "

Despite not having hypothesized some of the possible reasons for this trends, Bowser has fully resumed what Furukawa said during the last financial results briefing of the company, stating that the main goal of Switch Lite is to expand the audience.

"Our goal with Nintendo Switch Lite is to reach an even wider audience than before by offering an even more dedicated gaming device for those looking for an experience like this. "

The console's first sales results came in late October, revealing that it currently sold 1.95 million units. Overall, the Nintendo Switch console (Normal and Lite) has overtaken le 36.87 million of units sold.

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