Halo returns with a stunning reconstruction in Unreal Engine 4 of a well-known map that appeared in the first chapter of the saga, or Blood Gulch.

The environment artist of Quixel Jack McKelvie, recreated with the Unreal Engine 4 a map well known to fans of the Halo saga, or Blood Gulch.
McKelvie said that the creation of the map took some time, different iterations had to pass before the final one. Moreover, this reproduction uses megascans for its textures, so you'll see really sharp details for a fan made project.

Unfortunately McKelvie has not released the map to the public, but if you intend to rebuild it the same or according to your expectations, you can download the various assests and the project directly from here. Some of you will surely be able to rebuild the map of Jack or improve it.

To show the map of Blood Gulch, Quixel has released a video where McKelvie allows us to take a closer look at the reconstruction of the map of the first Halo. The video focuses on the naturalistic aspect in the reconstruction of the environment with different advice on the use of various visual elements.

Now it's time to enjoy the Quixel video and admire Blood Gulch in all its renewed splendor. In the meantime, after enjoying the video below you can see it the winners of the Golden Joystick Awards?