Bungie Black Friday sales begin on 22 November. The Timeless Season ends next month. This is the last chance to unlock a series of rewards before the next season begins. Shadows from the Deep includes the Season of the Timeless. Invite a friend to end the battle against the Vex - thefinal assault begins this week.

Need more content for the holidays? Even the Edition Digital Deluxe di Shadows from the Deep is on offer (25% discount). Includes the Season of the Timeless, as well as three additional seasonal passes, to take advantage of all that this year has to offer.

But maybe it's still too early for you to land on the moon. Perhaps what happened to your friend Cayde-6 still remained (rightly) in your throat. We don't blame you. Actually, we want to help you with your revenge by offering you Destiny 2: The Renegades with an 40% discount.

This promotion offers you all the latest content. You can do yourself justice in the Dreamy City or investigate the new mysteries of the Moon. Regardless of where you start, you can always take a look at sales at the Bungie Store and get you memories of your adventures, for friends or family. Holidays are approaching and guardians love to collect new equipment.

If you waited for the right moment to join the other guardians, there has never been better toyland. Last month, Destiny 2 introduced a complete armor readjustment, finishing moves to defeat weakened enemies in style, and a whole new flexible modification system for your equipment. New stories, content updates and various revisions have been revealed over the weeks. But it's not over here.
The world continues its evolution but will always need your Light. Join one of the best communities around and shape the future of Destiny 2.

Promotional sales dates

  • 22 November - 3 December: PlayStation
  • 24 November - 2 December: Xbox *
  • 26 November - 3 December: Steam
  • 28 November - 9 December: Bungie Store

* The Xbox offer begins on November 22 for those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription.