Activision launches today one new Zombi experience limited time for Call of Duty: Mobile. The new mode offers a completely new way to play first hand on iOS and Android.

In this experience, players can choose either the Raid mode is the most traditional Survival mode on a version created specifically for mobile by Shi No Numa, the classic zombie map originally appeared in Call of Duty: World at War.

Players start with only a gun and a knife, but by eliminating zombies and repairing windows they earn points for getting better weapons and equipment during the game. In Raid mode, after taking out waves of zombies, players will fight the bosses to finish the game.

The Zombi experience offers new challenges to Call of Duty: Mobile players, with cooperative operations, new styles of play and easter eggs all to be discovered.

In addition to the new Zombi mode, the Season 2 also begins today. This means that in Multiplayer and Battle Royale new weapons, equipment, sprays and gestures will be available.