Death Stranding di Kojima Productions was released on PlayStation 4 this month, marking a new era for the director Hideo Kojima, four years after his separation with Konami. Before Death Stranding, Kojima was working on a new Silent Hill game called Silent Hills. A demo has also been released, PT, which has become a real cult, but Konami eventually canceled the game. Now, years later, it seems that Kojima is again thinking of making a horror title.

Indeed, through your official Twitter account, the producer said that to make a scary horror game you need to watch many movies of the genre to better prepare and "awaken your soul". The movie he was watching when he was working on PT was: The Eye. A film that Kojima himself considered to be too scary to watch.

It is not clear whether Kojima is actually already developing a horror game, or just exploring the possibility. In 2017, Kojima said he had no intention of going back to horror, but PT continues to be relevant, despite having been canceled years ago. Since Konami still holds the rights to Silent Hill, any horror game on which Kojima would like to devote himself in the future will have to be different.