Starters have always been a feature iconic of the Pokémon series, and with Sword and Shield finally available, players again have three main Pokémon to choose from. But, if you are one of those who are never satisfied and want to get their hands on all three Pokémon, this is the article for you. All of this, with fairly well-known methods for fans already navigated in the series, since these are gimmicks that can be used for a long time on many games of the franchise.

The first method, certainly the most efficient, practical and economical, is to breedare your Pokémon and then exchange it for another. To do this, you must first locate infirmary on the 5 Route. Next, you need to get theupgrade which allows your bike to cross the water areas. This upgrade can be found on the 9 Route, going to talk to the same doctor who initially delivered the bike to you.


Once you've got theupgrade, you have to to capture a Ditto, which you can use for breedare your Pokémon inside the infirmary in the 5 Route. Once the operation is complete, you will have your egg containing a copy of the starter that you can carry around and, of course, exchange for a different starter, so as to be able to have all three of them. Obviously, this involves finding someone who is interested in doing the same kind of operation, be it a stranger online or a friend.

The second method, besides being much more expensive, is definitely the least practical and we strongly advise against it. It consists of owning two copies of the game, so you can exchange Pokémon between them. However, you will also need a second Nintendo Switch, which makes the entire application even more expensive. Obviously, don't do it unless you already have two consoles or, for some reason, another copy of Pokémon Sword and Shield.


Once you have exchanged the starter on your main game, you will have to delete the save data from your secondary Switch. To do this, go up Settings, Data Management, finally erase the data and restart the secondary Pokémon game again, selecting the last starter you need. Continue until you unlock the Y-Comm functions and you're done: all you have to do is start the exchange to get the last starter.