Like every year, the last Friday of November is Black Friday, a day of discounts on all types of products. Since the phenomenon became globalized, offers have expanded to a full week or more. If you have some savings aside, take a look at these ideas, to make yourself or make an early Christmas present.

Amazon Things

As usual, Amazon will discount its products and offer them as a first possible solution. Making your TVs or your home smart is priceless. Or rather, it does, but it's a little lower now. Remember to check the others offers for home automation.

Wireless Earbuds

The fully wireless headphones are the pheego gadget of the moment and it is right to make them your own in this discount period. Below a selection at a growing price! The models that all fit in the ears are great for listening only, while the stick ones offer a clearly superior phone call experience.

Upgrade PC

The computer components are hardly cut at 360 ° during Black Friday, but the accessory components always meet with good discounts. If you want some more focused and in-depth articles I suggest you take a look at our "We build a PC" on CPU, But by the full GPU acceleration tech, RAM, SSD, Monitor, Power Supplies e Accessories. Below is a sort of summary. Search through the vast category and our guides!


Do you need a new laptop PC for university, work or gaming? Here some interesting pieces from Amazon's Black Friday sales, to cover all price ranges and demanding. If Black Friday does not satisfy you, remember to come back for Cyber ​​Monday.

Video Game

It's always time to replenish your library, with new consoles, new games and old glories. Below is a very short selection of appetizing stuff, fathom the Amazon section thoroughly!

Tasty stuff

A list of stuff a bit 'random, but to be taken into account with the Black Friday sales! A sink with LEDs will make your home more brilliant, just as you never know when a Nerf Gun will be needed!