Something strange is happening on the main page of the autumn Steam discounts. In fact the usual image that appears on the page, that of the Steam store, has taken a decidedly strange turn.


When the balances they've started, the main image showed the store on a red background, similar to the sunset, with a customer who was going to make purchases and a small animal that resembles a cat outside the hotel. It was kind of pleasant.

Now, instead, it's night near the Steam Store. Roads they are shrouded in shadow, and seem to be surrounded by horrors Lovecraftian twisting. The customer of first tries to free himself from the grip of a black tentacle escaped from the sewers, while in the background makes a giant monster that has definitely nothing human. The white pet - which is no other Baba da Baba Is You - it is still around, and on the roof, what would seem to be a ninja, and more specifically the protagonist of Sekiro, we would say ready to go into action.

What could all this mean on Steam? Maybe nothing. Maybe Valve is just entering additional items from various games to add something more as the sales progress. Of course, it is still not entirely clear from where the black tentacle or that creature Lovecraftian snack out.

If you are curious, keep an eye on the official page to see if anything else changes. And almost certainly, it could be so. We remind you that Steam's autumn discounts last until 3 December. Here is the image that appeared initially, to allow you to make a comparison.