Apparently Riot Games will be forced to pay around 10 million dollars to female employees who have worked for the company over the past 5 years.

The news is given by Los Angeles Times and it is the conclusion of an agreement found after the denunciation of last November by the employees of Riot Games who pointed out that many of them took less salaries than their male colleagues in the same positions.

According to the agreement reached, each of the participants in the legal action will receive a certain amount of money from this fund of 10 million, an amount studied case by case.

Second Kotaku Riot Games she is happy to have defined this agreement in such a way as not to continue with the legal action that could have been much more dangerous than the mere economic damage received by the company.

Obviously Riot did not stop the actions undertaken only for compensation, but also acted on the company structure, with a lot of very hard actions against the problematic elements and the hiring of a manager who will have the task of supervising on any discrimination within the company .