In the Valley of Gods, the next game in progress at the Campo Santo studio, unfortunately, sees its development suspended.

Through a declaration given in Polygon from the Campo Santo co-founder Jake Rodkin, we find that two years after his announcement, "The development of In the Valley of Gods is pending". Although the game has not been canceled, it seems that its future is not the brightest, especially because of the development team that seems to be working on various Valve projects, on Dota Underlords and the recently announced Half-Life: Alyx.

Unfortunately, Rodkin's ambiguous statements do not give us certainty if and when the developers return to work on the title: "Development is pending, but it is a project that people could come back to".

The game if you haven't heard of it, is a first person adventure title. The player will find himself exploring a valley in the middle of an Egyptian desert and according to the description, we should find treasures accompanied by our colleague Zora to unravel a mystery that will bring us fame and glory, unless the desert eliminates us before come to that discovery.

What do you think of Jake Rodkin's words? Are you hopeful towards the Campo Santo or are you afraid that the game won't be able to come out? If you are interested in learning something more, the title has a Steam page active but missing the release date, of course.

In the meantime, and to lift your spirits, you have heard that the Cyberpunk 2077 artbook cover allows us to give a first look at the game map.