The retrogaming service associated with the subscription of Nintendo Switch Online it was a bit lacking in the last few months, not to say almost flat.

Fortunately, with the new update it seems things should change as new 6 titles are added to the library: 4 for Super Nintendo and 2 for Nintendo.

The 4 titles for Super Nintendo are:

  • Star Fox 2: the game was never released in the West until it was inserted into the SNES Classic in the 2017.
  • Super Punch-Out !!: A Nintendo classic in its 16 bit version.
  • Kirby Super Star: this title, known in Europe under the name of Kirby's Fun Pak, is a collection of various minigames starring Kirby.
  • Breath of Fire II: the sequel to one of the most famous J-RPGs of the time, a title that needs no introduction.

The two games for Nintendo instead are:

  • Journey to Silius: a scrolling shooter from Sunsoft. Originally the game had to be based on the movie Terminator, but during the development the license was lost and therefore they had to change many things during the work. The audio track for the time is remarkable.
  • Crystalis: RPG with top view produced by SNK, recently seen also in the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, always on Nintendo Switch.

The update for Nintendo Switch Online with these games should be available 12th December and will be the last for this year.