The 2020 will be the year of PlayStation 5 e Xbox Scarlett, and if of the first the name is rather obvious, the less it is for the next Microsoft console, currently known by its code name, Scarlett precisely.

A speak this was the same Phil Spencer, Stating that the final name of the next console will represent and describe the function and main idea of ​​the machine, as has always been the case in the past. Here are his words:

When we give a name to our consoles we think about what their characteristics are. With Xbox 360 we described an entertainment experience that went beyond the console, with the latter being at the center of everything. Xbox One instead summarized our motto "always on input, all in one".

We will do the same with Scarlett.

The totonome opens for the next console of Microsoft products: how you think or would like it to be called Xbox Scarlett?