Orange Rock Studios will aim to improve the gamer experience by applying PTN's 25 years of experience to the new generation of apps and games

SAN FRANCISCO - (BUSINESS WIRE) -Pole to Win International, Inc. (PTW), the leading company in the field of video games and technology services outsourcing, today announced the launch of its Orange Rock Studios product and game development division. Orange Rock Studios will increase the range of services offered by PTW, which has always supported the videogame industry and boasts a diversified list of high-level customers on various levels.

"This is the time to break the mold," said Deborah Kirkham, CEO of PTW. "At Orange Rock we encourage the technologies of the future to ensure projects designed, with ingenuity and discipline, for the Y and Z generations. Together with our customers, we visualize and design digital experiences."

"Orange Rock is the engine that will advance PTW's future, allowing us to bring each of our current services (quality control, customer service, audio production, localization and translation) to the forefront of their respective fields through an internal development system cutting edge. We will offer creative products that will push the progress of the industry towards the future, involving consumers and players from all over the world. "

The current president of the North America and India section of PTW, Kasturi Rangan, will take on the role of CEO of Orange Rock. Rangan, the focus of PTW's innovation for about a decade, is the most natural choice to run the company's most forward-looking company. "The gaming industry is at a crossroads, with consumers' expectations getting higher and the ambitions of individual studios equaling only the exciting potential of new gaming technologies and development frameworks," said Rangan.

“The main purpose of our innovation laboratory is to help brands better understand future generations of consumers and offer them a futuristic model aimed at customer loyalty in an evolving market. We bring the most innovative and splendid products and games to the market faster and allow our customers to create unrivaled products at an affordable selling price. "

Orange Rock Studios aims to provide the best possible brand experience through a complete product development service, from concept and design to distribution development and management. Orange Rock's digital engineers aim to create an indelible digital track in a multitude of ever-changing technologies and structures. Orange Rock Studios is composed of four departments: Product Development, Game Production, Staff Increase and eSports. The gaming industry has already heard of Orange Rock Studios thanks to Orange Rock Esports, the current PUBG Mobile team number two in India and rapidly growing globally.

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Information on Pole To Win International

Pole To Win International, Inc. (PTW) is a leading provider of video game, digital entertainment, and interactive solutions with 16 locations in 10 countries across the globe. Our services include location, quality control, consumer experience, design and development, and audio production. PTW offers 25 years of experience and infrastructure to create personalized support for each type of customer.

PTW, which includes subsidiaries around the globe, is a holding company established in the UK-based 2016 under Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings, Inc., registered in the 1 section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange under the 3657 number. POLE TO WIN is a registered trademark of Pole To Win Co., Ltd. in Japan and other countries. All rights reserved. For more information, visit

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