Warframe is one of those games that over the years has undergone a wonderful evolution. Now the battles between space ships have been added to the title.

If you are gods Warframe fans, then you must be part of that group of players who were waiting to finally be able to fight with their own Railjack, the spaceship added with the Rising Tide update. During The Game Awards, the guys at Digital Extremes presented and released the long-awaited Empyrean expansion.

Thanks to this new content you can take part in new ship-to-ship missions and fights, moreover you can gather other friends 3 to divide the tasks inside the vessel. Each player can have a distinct role, from those who take care of the rudder to those who manage weapons, defenses or repairs. Obviously if you are an action type you can always get out of the ship wearing the archwing and board the opposing ship with the intention of blowing up the main reactor.

The guys at Digital Extremes wanted to make it clear that the Railjack is meant to be run by 4 players, but don't despair, even lone wolves can manage the ship and take the loaf home, not without some more difficulty. In this regard, DE has assured that there are plans to improve the experience of those who play solo.

What do you think of the path taken by Warframe in these years? Are you enjoying the new content? Meanwhile, you've seen the official trailer for No More Heroes 3?