The video game is an extremely versatile medium, capable of making the player truly identify in any kind of situation and context. And perhaps, in creating the most creative and immersive solutions, independent titles are better than many triple As on the market. In the case of Interrogation: You will be deceived Immersiveness is the master. It is an indie thriller with psychological, detective and noir tints, developed by Critique Gaming and available from December 5, 2019 on Steam. Examine, listen, interpret: if you want to move skillfully in the world of Interrogation: You will be deceived, these are the main skills that you need to hone carefully.

Let's start with the questions

In Interrogation: You will be deceived we play the role of a detective, whose main purpose is to interrogate, in fact, several suspects to shed light on the case on duty, on which the police are investigating. Although with these simple premises, the gameplay is decidedly more complex than it might seem. Before each interrogation we can consult the files of the main suspects, in order to get an idea about the dynamics of the case and the backgrounds of the different characters. Once the subject in question is brought in, we can ask him a sequence of questions, distinguished by topic. Some do not have a particular utility, while others provide additional information and allow for progress in the interrogation. During our "pleasant chat " we have to monitor it carefully emotional state of the suspect, represented by the dilation of the pupils and the heartbeat. Things get more interesting when we have to interrogate more than one suspect at a time: it may happen that certain responses from one contradict those of another, getting closer and closer to the truth.

Touching certain topics can lead us to one confident connection with the alleged criminal, leading him to open up and reveal more information to us thanks to the empathy aroused. Insisting on the wrong keys, however, could do it lose tune and thus create a "wall of distrust" between us and the suspect on duty. In Interrogation: You will be deceived there are two distinct game modes: Fiction and Interrogation. In the first the interrogations proceed in a decidedly more rapid manner, while in the second it is necessary to pay close attention to the progress of the conversation, since the possibility of error it is far more frequent. As we ask the questions, we have the option to stop recording the interrogation, so from physically threaten the suspect attacking him with a taser, grasping him with arrogance or projecting him against the wall. In doing so, the levels of adrenaline and fear of the victim increase significantly, leading him to be more sincere or, simply, to confess.


However, resorting to violence is not always enough, and abuse of this mechanic can lead to seriously injure the interrogated, causing a sound game over in the event that the suspect to be interrogated is only one. Furthermore, pivoting on physical intimidation has repercussions on the subsequent development of the plot, since the press and police superiors they hardly hesitate to ask for explanations about what happened during the missing registration parts. At the same time, it could happen that the subjects we have injured ask for the intervention of lawyers and lawyers, to take revenge on our unorthodox conduct. Being unreasonable can certainly speed up the confession of the suspects, but persuasion and diplomacy remain the most reliable approaches and valid if you want to get a positive result.


By progressing in the game, between an interrogation and another, it is then possible to select certain additional skills which improve our interrogation style: some, for example, increase the capacity for intimidation, others the perception of moods, while still others our capacity for persuasion.

Black and White

Technically speaking, Interrogation: You will be deceived presents no problems and runs very smoothly on almost any type of PC. This, it is appropriate to say, by the very nature of the title, which is based on models halfway between two and three dimensions. In this sense, an applause must be made to the graphic sector of the title, definitely inspired. The design focuses entirely on black and white, giving an atmosphere worthy of the best crime noir films of American vintage cinema. Even the music and sounds are no different, and they manage to accurately evoke the tension and anxiety that could be expected during an interrogation.


Not for all

As we progress through the story, the cases begin to be linked together, and they drag us gradually into scenarios political and sociological, made of intrigues and conspiracies. Despite the interesting foundations offered by the gameplay and the narrative component, the repetitiveness of Interrogation: You will be deceived appears evident from the first hours of the game. We soon realize that, in reality, there is not so much to do as well as, of course, asking questions on questions. Playing for long sessions is therefore not advisable, on pain of the emergence of a sensation of heaviness and sometimes real boredom. Rather, it is a pill to digest in small doses.


A pity, for two orders of reasons. First of all because only true fans of the genre are able to fully appreciate Interrogation: You will be deceived, flying over the monotony of the situations proposed. Secondly, one realizes that the pleasure of the logical and intuitive reasoning of interrogations comes almost completely canceled from the tiring routine that followed shortly thereafter. Beyond criticism, Interrogation: You will be deceived still deserves a chance, so if you are curious to play the role of detective at least once in your know where to find them.