At the beginning of the year the owners of Nintendo Switch they had rather sad news. The development of Metroid Prime 4 had been restarted from the beginning following major problems. This was followed by the announcement of the postponement of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

This is also joined by Bayonetta 3, totally disappeared from radar. Except for a short announcement teaser trailer, we know practically nothing else. One user on Twitter he recently contacted Hideki Kamiya di PlatinumGames and asked him when fans could learn more about the game. Kamiya, strangely, did not block him, on the contrary, he also replied. "Development is going very well."

A few, simple words that make it clear that the game still exists. However, it seems that hoping to have more information on Bayonetta 3 is a vain hope, unless it is present in the classic Nintendo Direct published in the period of January / February.