The update includes events to level up and special events to celebrate the Lunar New Year

LOS ANGELES– (BUSINESS WIRE) -MapleStory M, the mobile version of the free online massively multiplayer role-playing game for iOS e Android, inaugurated the new year with the most extensive update so far, in which the legendary hero is introduced Shade and a series of events of limited duration.

One of Maple's most vaunted heroes, Shade he is one of the six heroes who ended the macabre reign of the Black Mage, the most feared opponent in MapleStory. Shade, the last hero to land in the universe of MapleStory M, is classified as a Pirate with a powerful force that uses the primary and secondary weapons Knuckles and Fox Marbles to defeat the enemies. Now resurrected, and with the spirit world at his fingertips, he undertakes an investigation into the current rumors about the return of the Black Mage.

The update offers a series of events dedicated to the new hero Shade and to the Lunar New Year! Starting today, exciting new events will be available to level up, including:

  • Growth event dedicated to Shade: until February 24, players who reach a certain level will get additional in-game items to use to level up a specific character.
  • Burning event dedicated to Shade: until February 10, each new Shade character will gain three levels for each level passed from level 3 to 100.
  • Event with prizes at login in honor of Shade: players who log in from today to January 22 will receive a special gift to help them level up their character, once per account.
  • M events dedicated to Heroes: until 11 February four different types of events will be offered in honor of the six legendary heroes. Any character or player with those Six Heroes will receive complimentary items that will help them gain experience, as well as get additional statistics options for their characters.

In addition to the events to earn levels, there will be an infinity of other events dedicated to the Lunar New Year, including:

  • 7-day Attendance event for the Lunar New Year: From January 20 to February 3, players who log in will receive participation prizes to acquire items that earn their characters experience points.
  • Lunar New Year Achievement Event: from January 20 to February 3, players will be able to collect special coins to win prizes, including an object that can be used to earn multiple stars (Star Force), one to customize characters and one to enhance the experience.

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