All lovers of the epic saga of Id Software they look forward to the new chapter DOOM Eternal and among these, as happened with the previous chapter, there are also the owners of Nintendo Switch.

After the excellent conversion work done by the Panic Button (which also brought Wolfenstein 2 and Warframe to the hybrid console), Eternal will also be optimized by the Texan studio but this will take longer than other versions. How can we learn from passwords di Marty Strattonin fact, it will take a while to get DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch, but you won't have to wait long:

It will be released a little later than the PC and console version, but it is only because we want to finish the development first and then entrust the title to Panic Button. We know that our partner will work on it and take the time to perfect it on the Nintendo Switch.

For this we do not yet have a launch date, but it will not be a big delay: Panic Buttons are masters with the Nintendo platform.

DOOM Eternal will arrive on PC and console, Nintendo Switch excluded, on March 20, 2020; we hope not to have to wait long to play this probable masterpiece even on the hybrid console.