Temtem, A new MMO to PC clearly inspired by Pokémon, has just been published in Early Access su Steam. The game, which costs 31 euros, allows you to capture, train and fight your Temtem and explore the world together with other players.

It is a good proposition for PC players who want a game inspired by the Game Freak series as well as for players disappointed with Pokemon Sword / Shield. It should be noted, however, that, if you are interested in the game, perhaps it is better to buy it now as the software house Cream suggested that the price of the game will increase in the future, contextually to the development of the title.

In fact, a Q&A session was carried out on the Steam page of the game in which the developer stated that the game is about 50% complete and guarantees a longevity of 20 hours. The final product will clearly be much bigger but those who wait to buy it will find themselves paying more.

"We believe in giving benefits to our first supporters, so the current early access price will gradually increase as we introduce new content and features."

And have you got to try it?